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RENASCIDO tells the story about one of the most powerful weapons in the world, music. Based on two different worlds who have so much in common. Society in the 1980 as inspiration, in a new interpretation.

1980 – Angola

When Angola became independent, a civil war started all over the country, for 27 years. A whole generation of young Angolans grew up with only knowing life with war. But they started their own battle to fight against it. Making music and dancing gave energy and positivity in this dark period. The sound that they created is called Kuduro, a very aggressive sound with fast and energetic movements. The mines that were planted by the Portuguese army made a lot of victims; people who lost their legs or other body parts; but they still kept dancing.

The way how they escaped and gave meaning to life, is through music. Nowadays Kuduro changed a lot and became also in Europe, through immigration to Portugal for example, a very popular sound with a lot of history.

1980 – Western Europe & USA

In the eighties MTV got added as first music channel on television.
At that time androgyne artists as David Bowie, Prince and Annie Lennox had already a big influence, but with MTV they became really important for the music industry and society. In videos they gave their music extra power, with extravagant looks and crazy scenography; to support the story behind the song but also to use as a social platform to talk about gender issues, genderfluidity and genderfree approach.
They weren’t afraid to be different, to stand out of the crowd.

The fight that they started to be whoever you want to be is something we see growing in our society nowadays. A very strong battle that started in the 80s with a nonviolent, but very powerful weapon.



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