In the past years a lot has changed in my personal and professional life and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.
Let’s take a trip down memory lane.
10 years ago I moved to Brussels to study interior design at LUCA school of arts.
In the years after I followed tailoring courses, did amazing internships at fashion designers as Alexis Victor Gautier, Ilke Cop and Eline Van Ree, had my first working experiences at Café Costume and FAÇON JACMIN.
All amazing Belgian brands that inspired me to follow my dreams.
The dream of starting my own label became slowly an idea and in february 2019 a reality, my little baby LENA THE LABEL was born.
In the meanwhile I was working on shortfilms as costume designer and projects with Farah El Bastani, Kate Housh and Astrid Benedikte Gruyaert.
Which brought me beautiful experiences and fed my love for costume design and fashion even more.
The past year I have been working on incredible projects as the wardrobe on set, which I enjoyed to the fullest!
The list of amazing people that I have met these past years is incredibly long and they all inspired me to chase my dreams.
What brings me back to a dream that I carry since some years and slowly tried to work it out.
In september I started a new chapter of my life in Lisbon, Portugal.
LENA THE LABEL takes a different direction, it’s for sure not a goodbye but a new beginning! 💛
I want to thank everybody that supported me with all my crazy dreams and projects!
You know who you are, without you this would have been impossible!
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